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Telecommuting Proposals for Congress

I came across two related articles about congress members and telecommuting today…

Yes they are satire. Yes, I do enjoy making fun of our political leaders. Yes, it is generally more fun to mock the party in power, but I believe taking shots at either party is fair game and well deserved.


An Old Joke

There once was a woman who was very good. She was completely selfless. She volunteered. She went to church every day. She was a fine upstanding member of the community.

Even though she was so good, she was very poor. She always thought that if she had more money she could do more good. So each night she prayed to God and asked that He let her win the lottery so she wouldn’t have to worry about money and could concentrate on doing more good.

She spent her entire life living a saintly existence and continued to pray to God to win the lottery.

She lived well into her nineties and finally died never having won the lottery.

Naturally, she was ushered right into heaven and found herself face to face with God.

“Welcome to Heaven!” His great voice boomed, “You were so good on earth, you really deserve to be here. Make yourself at home.”

“I am very happy to be here!” she replied and then meekly added, “But I have one question. When I was alive on earth, I did everything I could to be good and I only asked for one thing in return. After all those years, why did you not allow me to win the lottery? I could have done so much more good with all the money.”

“Well,” God said, “I actually would have loved to have let you win the lottery, but don’t you think you could have met me half way and bought a lottery ticket.

This little joke isn’t about playing the lottery. It’s about doing what is required to make things happen. Most “lucky” people work very hard to be that “lucky”. Don’t wait for a miracle. Figure out what you want and start doing things to make it happen.

The 2.5 Million Dollar Bathroom Break

Remember, you heard it here first… It is now perfectly acceptable to use Super Bowl commercial breaks as bathroom breaks again.

For many years, commercials aired during the Super Bowl represented the best and most interesting advertising pieces of the year. In many cases, the advertisements would be a bigger draw than the game.

Now, they are just plain dull. The dullness hit us last year in what many say was an overreaction to the whole Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction. It’s hard to disagree with that conjecture based on the timing, but I don’t understand how one boob could spell the end to all creativity as we know it.

Certainly there is more to clever advertising than sex and violence. At least you would think so. But last night, all of the commercials that would normally use sex, turned to violence or slapstick and most of those were dull. In addition, all the ads that avoided both sex and violence were lame, dull and unmemorable.

Quick quiz: Name one advertiser that you can remember from Super Bowl XL. Come on think harder! I can only remember Anheuser-Busch and I don’t drink their beer.

So what did all the others that paid $2.5 million get for their cash?

I don’t know what they got, but they bought me some time to make a pit stop.

Home Office Holiday Party

This year I didn’t get an invitation to the office Christmas party. Apparently since I telecommute, I didn’t merit an invitation. The only reason I even heard of it was because of a stray email that happened to land in my inbox. Of course that was on the Monday after the event.

Just because you work at home, doesn’t mean you should forgo the office holiday festivities. There was an article in the Baltimore Sun this morning that told of a group of local home based business and telecommuters that took matters in their own hands and held their own home office holiday party. It had everything you would expect of a regular office party including lamp shades for their heads, pre-spiked punch, and a copier for… uh… later.

This article made the cover of the Sun’s Today section which tells me 3 things: 1. There are a lot of people working from home these days. 2. We’re an innovative bunch that takes what’s good, improves upon it and makes sure we get our share. 3. That mainstream people are starting to notice.

New Lemur Species Named after John Cleese!

Nothing serious here. I just saw this article on Yahoo that says a new species of Lemur was named after British comedian and Monty Python alum, John Cleese. They will call the critters “avahi cleesei”.

Why? Well if you remember the movie Fierce Creatures, you’ll recall a most hilarious scene involving these tiny Madagascar-dwelling creatures. Cleese also did a documentary called “Lemurs with John Cleese” to shine a spotlight on the plight of these endangered little guys.

Congratulations John Cleese!

“Home Office from Hell” contest

The good people over at are holding a contest to find the top 10 reasons to escape the home office from hell.

Office 2 Share is a company that helps small businesses and startups find and lease small amounts of shared ready to use professional office space for short periods of time.

Now we at Home Office Blues prefer our home offices, but recognize the value of accessing more traditional space for large meetings or as our businesses outgrow us.

Heard any good jokes lately?

One of the problems with working from home is that I don’t hear any good jokes anymore. There is no “water cooler” banter.

If you’ve got any good jokes, put them in the comments below. If enough people are interesed I may create a forum for jokes on this site. Let me know what you think.