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Laptop Stolen from VA Teleworker Recovered

The head of the VA reported that the stolen laptop with veterans’ personal information on it had been recovered.

If, as it appears, the data has not been compromised then this is good news for vets. However, I don’t see how it lets the VA off the hook for their shoddy data security practices.

They don’t need to forbid teleworking, they simply need to implement policies and practices to protect data. Some of these practices will include technology, some will include behavioral changes. All will include an awareness of security implications on the part of all who access or transport data.

Home Office Security: Protecting Information

An article on Yahoo! today reported that the personal data of 26.5 million veterans was stolen when a telecommuter’s laptop was taken during a home burglary.

Information security is a big deal for government and for companies. They need to protect employee, customer, and vendor data and privacy as well as intellectual property and trade secrets.

Data security is a big reason why many companies refuse to embrace telecommuting as a viable work option. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can have data security and a flexible work environment, but it takes planning, processes, rules, technology, education and enforcement.

In the coming months, we will be addressing this topic on a number of levels. Keep an eye out for articles on:

  • Network security
  • Physical security
  • Encryption
  • Writing data security policies.
  • Insurance for the home office or home business.

I want to hear your experiences with data security as a telecommuter – both good and bad. Leave a comment with your horror stories, questions, answers and suggestions.