Sprint Brings WiMax to Baltimore

This week, Sprint Nextel Corp launched WiMax in Baltimore, Maryland under the brand name XOHM. WiMax (which stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, aka 802.16 and 802.16e) is a broadband wireless technology that allows high speed internet access without wires. WiMax is similar to the ubiquitous WiFi you find in homes, airports, and coffee shops except it offers a much greater range and the ability maintain connectivity on the move.

XOHM is designed to be a direct competitor to cable, DSL, and FIOS in the home, providing competitive speeds without the need to install wires, cable, or fiber optics to the house. It is also a direct competitor to data services provided by cellular companies, providing twice the speed for a more competitive price.

Currently there are several service plans available:

  • Home – For a limited time, you can get home service for $25 a month, after the first six months that increases to $35 a month.
  • On the Go – For a limited time, you can get mobile service for $30 a month, after the first six months that increases to $45 a month.
  • Pick 2 – For a limited time you can get home and mobile service for $50 a month, the regular price is $65 a month
  • Daily On the Go – 24 hours of continuous Xohm access for $10.

It looks like Sprint has done a good job of positioning and pricing the technology to compete with in-home and mobile broadband services. It took me over three weeks to get either Comcast or Verizon to figure out how to get their service to my house. If XOHM had been available at the time, I could have gotten instant access.

Looking at their coverage map, my house is about 100 yards outside their green zone, so I don’t know how well the service will work for me. Hopefully, I will be able to convince them to lend me some equipment so I can test the On The Go service and get back to you with a first hand review.

Baltimore is the first city to go live, but they are schedule to roll out to Washington DC and Chicago next.

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