Information, humor, and discussion for the work-at-home, telecommuter and home business community.

Do you telecommute or run a business from your home? Do you miss the jokes, networking, and human contact you used to get from the workplace? We know how you feel.

We love working from home. Short commute, few interruptions, work in your pajamas… but you can start to feel a little cut off.

We’ve set up this website so people that work from home can interact with others like them. We offer articles, reviews, a resource directory and running commentary with plenty of room for your comments, questions and opinions. This is your community.

Feel free to comment on articles, reviews, and postings. You may also use this form to contact us for any reason. If you are interested in contributing articles, let us know! We are always eager to making valuable information available to the community.

Thanks for joining us. Make yourself at home.

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