An Old Joke

There once was a woman who was very good. She was completely selfless. She volunteered. She went to church every day. She was a fine upstanding member of the community.

Even though she was so good, she was very poor. She always thought that if she had more money she could do more good. So each night she prayed to God and asked that He let her win the lottery so she wouldn’t have to worry about money and could concentrate on doing more good.

She spent her entire life living a saintly existence and continued to pray to God to win the lottery.

She lived well into her nineties and finally died never having won the lottery.

Naturally, she was ushered right into heaven and found herself face to face with God.

“Welcome to Heaven!” His great voice boomed, “You were so good on earth, you really deserve to be here. Make yourself at home.”

“I am very happy to be here!” she replied and then meekly added, “But I have one question. When I was alive on earth, I did everything I could to be good and I only asked for one thing in return. After all those years, why did you not allow me to win the lottery? I could have done so much more good with all the money.”

“Well,” God said, “I actually would have loved to have let you win the lottery, but don’t you think you could have met me half way and bought a lottery ticket.

This little joke isn’t about playing the lottery. It’s about doing what is required to make things happen. Most “lucky” people work very hard to be that “lucky”. Don’t wait for a miracle. Figure out what you want and start doing things to make it happen.

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