Cabin Fever

It’s the beginning of February. It’s cold outside. I live in the suburbs. My family has one car. (And I don’t get to use it.)

These are the makings of home office cabin fever.

When the weather is nice, the highlight of my day is walking out to the mailbox to check the mail. It’s a nice leisurely stroll of about 100 yards. It’s not much, but it breaks up the day. Trash day is a bonus, that is an extra trip to the curb and back to bring in the cans. But in the winter, those two excursions aren’t nearly as pleasant. In fact, I find myself trying to combine them or speed up the amount of time spent outside.

What do you do to get through the winter months? What do you do to solve the one-car problem when there is no place to walk to? Is it just a matter of staying focussed and hoping winter ends soon? Ah… that wouldn’t be so hard if that damn groundhog hadn’t seen his shadow.

Please share any advice in the comments section.

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