Home Office Facilities Manager

One of the things about working from home, is that you always have to do more than just your job. For instance, this week I had to play the role of facilities manager.

It started out as a regular day at the home office until the water started seeping in under the wall from the laundry room next door. The drain had become clogged and the laundry machine simply ejected its water onto the floor.

After dealing with the flood, I heard a rattling, clanging sound coming from the recreation room. I took a peek around the corner and low and behold there were birds in my fireplace… flapping around. I had to quickly changed hats from plumber to animal control.

I never really remember having to deal with floods and flying creatures when I supported computers in an office, but now they fall squarely in my domain.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the floods and birds would have happened anyway, but I would have had to deal with them when I got home. They are kind of hard to ignore when they are in your face like this. At least now, I know I will be at home when the repair guys come…

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