Home Office Holiday Party

This year I didn’t get an invitation to the office Christmas party. Apparently since I telecommute, I didn’t merit an invitation. The only reason I even heard of it was because of a stray email that happened to land in my inbox. Of course that was on the Monday after the event.

Just because you work at home, doesn’t mean you should forgo the office holiday festivities. There was an article in the Baltimore Sun this morning that told of a group of local home based business and telecommuters that took matters in their own hands and held their own home office holiday party. It had everything you would expect of a regular office party including lamp shades for their heads, pre-spiked punch, and a copier for… uh… later.

This article made the cover of the Sun’s Today section which tells me 3 things: 1. There are a lot of people working from home these days. 2. We’re an innovative bunch that takes what’s good, improves upon it and makes sure we get our share. 3. That mainstream people are starting to notice.

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