Home Office Resolutions

I am not big on New Year’s Resolutions. Generally, I believe that if you realize you want or need to make a change in your life or behavior, you need to do it at the time your realize it. Why wait?

However, the beginning of a new year is an awfully convenient time to evaluate where you are and figure out where you want to go and how you want to get there.

So in the spirit of convenience and the need for a topic to write about, here is my list of Home Office Resolutions in no particular order!

  1. I resolve to shower and get dressed most days before I go to the home office.
  2. I resolve to exercise 1-4 times a week or when it is convenient. (Whichever comes first)
  3. I resolve to be genuinely interested in my job and be very disciplined in my performance of it.
  4. I resolve to put my family first and keep the door to my home office closed when I am not supposed to be in it.
  5. I resolve to be funny. Okay, at least I resolve to be funnier… that shouldn’t be too hard considering my starting point.

Happy 2007! Good luck with your resolutions. Feel free to share yours in the comments section.

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