Home Office Sick Days

How do you handle sick days when you are working from home? Whether you are working for yourself or telecommuting, there is a certain quandary about staying in bed and resting when your home office is just downstairs.

When you work in an office and you are feeling under the weather, it’s just too much trouble to get yourself together and get your butt to work. So you stay in bed and everyone is happy. If you did manage to make it to the office, invariably someone mistakes you for death and sends you home.

At home, you get no sympathy, it’s not “too” much trouble to make it over to your desk, and no one is afraid to catch what you have over the webcam or phone. So you trudge on. You don’t rest. And you stay sick longer.

Does anyone have a personal policy or philosophy when it comes to home office sick days? Leave your comments below.

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