I Bought the Law… (But the Law Won)

This article on Enron’s Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling made me very happy.

Skilling and Lay were found guilty by a jury of their peers. Okay well sort of… I mean it wasn’t a jury of gazillionaire white-collar crooks that convicted them. It was a jury of real people, with real lives just like the real people with real lives that were screwed by the obscene greediness of these guys.

Okay, but how do I really feel. :-).

Well the remarkable thing about this conviction is that it actually happened. These guys gave so much money to politicians that they should have been protected… but they weren’t. It could be argued that political contributions simply don’t buy favors and protection. It could also be argued that these guys’ crimes were so outrageous that the millions paid to keep them out of jail simply weren’t enough.

In any case, the conviction couldn’t have happened to a more deserving pair. I know, I know the appeals are just getting started. But let me enjoy the moment.

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