More Taxes for Telecommuters?!

The United States Supreme court declined to hear a case involving a man that telecommutes from his Nashville home for a company based in New York. This leaves a lower court ruling intact that allows New York to fully tax 100% of the man’s salary.

Essentially, this ruling puts telecommuters that work for out of state companies at risk of taxation by multiple states. Currently only New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Nebraska have laws allowing this kind of taxation, but other states may pass similar laws to increase revenue. All is not lost, however, Congress is looking at a new law, the Telecommuter Tax Fairness Act, that may prohibit double taxation on telecommuters.

An article at CNET News goes into further details on the subject. Senators Dodd and Lieberman along with Representative Shay sponsored the Telecommuter Tax Fairness Act which is currently stuck in committee.

1 thought on “More Taxes for Telecommuters?!”

  1. Sucks, but at least they save money on the commute! Just goes to show you, all our govt is interested in is sucking us dry. My God, has no one found it ridiculous that we get taxed on our taxes!! Its not a party thing either. . .their all guilty of it. If you cant afford a high priced accountant whose willing to be just a little shady, then you too can see to it that our senators live a life of coosh. ..imagine if we all voted ourselves raises to our multi hundred thousand dollar jobs!! Sorry, love to rant against the machine


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