Report: Washington DC is Best City for Teleworking

A new report sponsored by Intel and the Sperling’s Best Places names Washington DC as the “Best City for Teleworking”.

The first thing I noticed about the report was the blatant advertising for Intel products. The next thing I noticed is that the cities highest on the list also ranked highest on the list of cities with the worst traffic. That is when I noticed that the study shows the cities with the most potential for teleworking and not necessarily the cities that ranked highest for people already doing it.

To determine what made a city good for teleworking, they used the standard “best places” type of criteria like climate and combined it with factors that make teleworking more desireable or possible like communications infrastructure, amount of telework friendly jobs (office workers) and as I pointed out – worst traffic.

So… workers, employees and governments of the listed cities – This is not a pat on the back for a job well done. This is a call to action. You have all the ingredients required to promote teleworking as a viable option. Get out there and make it happen.

Teleworking improves the environment, prevents wear and tear on the roads, provides flexibility and business continuity options for companies and represents a cash and time benefit for the employee. Everybody wins.

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