The 2.5 Million Dollar Bathroom Break

Remember, you heard it here first… It is now perfectly acceptable to use Super Bowl commercial breaks as bathroom breaks again.

For many years, commercials aired during the Super Bowl represented the best and most interesting advertising pieces of the year. In many cases, the advertisements would be a bigger draw than the game.

Now, they are just plain dull. The dullness hit us last year in what many say was an overreaction to the whole Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction. It’s hard to disagree with that conjecture based on the timing, but I don’t understand how one boob could spell the end to all creativity as we know it.

Certainly there is more to clever advertising than sex and violence. At least you would think so. But last night, all of the commercials that would normally use sex, turned to violence or slapstick and most of those were dull. In addition, all the ads that avoided both sex and violence were lame, dull and unmemorable.

Quick quiz: Name one advertiser that you can remember from Super Bowl XL. Come on think harder! I can only remember Anheuser-Busch and I don’t drink their beer.

So what did all the others that paid $2.5 million get for their cash?

I don’t know what they got, but they bought me some time to make a pit stop.

1 thought on “The 2.5 Million Dollar Bathroom Break”

  1. The FedEx caveman commercial was certainly big with all the dinosaurs. Hummer tried to make a large commercial with Godzilla and Ultraman, but I think it was just plain weird. The Anheiser Bush commercial with the Clydesdale pony was cute, but the first Clydesdale commercial was the funniest. (That was the one with the streaking sheep.) A lot of people judged the “magic refrigerator” to be the funniest.

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